Friday, August 24, 2012

Gay Dolls

While searching around the internet I came across a couple of websites and Facebook pages devoted to the unusual hobby of collecting gay dolls. Some of these are actual celebrity dolls, others have been "transformed" by devoted fans. The home made Village People and Divine dolls are the funniest!  I've included dolls that are rumored to be gay; determining the sexual orientation of a doll is trickier than you would think.



 Boy George

 Elton John

 Gay Bob

Ricky Martin

 George Takei

 Tom of Finland

 The Village People

 Amanda Lepore (a living doll)


Freddy Mercury
 Kristy MacNichol

 Anthony Perkins

 Dolly Parton (rumored to be a gay doll)

 James Dean

 Rosie the Riveter


Divine as Dana Davenport

Rosie O'Donnell

Sparky, the Gay Dog from South Park

Oscar Wilde

Sir Ian McKellan

(Masseur not included)

Scientology guy

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