Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gay because I say so!

This is a collection of vintage "gay" graphics and advertising art; it's probably unintentionally gay, but you really have to wonder what some of the art directors and illustrators were thinking!
It looks like they are deciding who's going to be the top.

"That's right, I'm hung like a horse."

"Go gay" with "the fruitiest."

I know he's supposed to be lusting after the beer, but it looks like they are cruising!

Vintage Gay Clones.

"Get at the breech of a Big Dick." OK, twist my arm!

 Interesting take on "Virile Manhood."

 More vintage male cruising. Very Fire Island 1977.

 Yes please!

Vintage cruising in a "Sweater Bar."

Let's pray that the altar boys escaped unharmed.

Hmm... what is he doing in that suit?


  1. I love your blog!!!
    Do you know what the "Vintage cruising in a Sweater Bar" is supposed to be advertising? What product or brand?

  2. I love this Blog, makes me feel better about being gay, love all the photos, very uplifting.