Sunday, April 27, 2014

The One That I Love

 If you enjoyed these vintage gay photos, please subscribe to the Homo History blog. There are links at the top and very bottom of every page.

 These photos represent just a small fragment of our gay history; unfortunately so much of it has purposely been destroyed. Since most of the men in these photos are unknown, it's pretty much impossible to tell it they were a gay couple or just "good friends." Most photographs of gay couples were eventually destroyed by horrified family members. For every photo that I may have mistakenly identified as gay, thousands more were burned or torn into pieces to keep a family secret.

Jeffrey Gent



  1. One of your most beautiful posts to date! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Bonjour cela doit ĂȘtre difficile de trouver toutes ces archives
    Bravo pour le travail effectué !
    Hello it must be difficult to find all these archives
    Bravo for the made work!

  3. Hi, I'm new subscriber and I just wanna say it's amazing and beautiful what you doing. Thank you for your effort...

  4. Like the previous post Ive just discovered this through a post on Facebook and I find the pictures very very moving and not a little sad
    It's such a shame that these possibly long deceased men and woman who obviously seem to have had loving relationships should have been forgotten by time and are now nameless
    Like Yumekum its all incredibly beautiful what you are doing