Monday, October 13, 2014

James Bidgood

James Bidgood’s homoerotic films and photographs, were a shock to 1960's audiences. They featured beautiful young men set against elaborately crafted backdrops, drenched in bright colors and gayer than anything the world had ever seen before. His aesthetic was both campy and pulpy, yet incredibly beautiful! Bidgood's work heavily inspired such artists as Pierre et Gilles and David LaChapelle.

Bobby Kendall in Pink Narcissus

Bobby Kendall in Pink Narcissus

Bobby Kendall in Pink Narcissus 

 His film legendary homoerotic film, ‘Pink Narcissus,” was shrouded in mystery when it was first was released, having been credited to ‘Anonymous’.

When Bidgood's legendary film “Pink Narcissus” came out in the early 60’s, he choose to hide his identity, leading to rumors that it was the work of Andy Warhol or Kenneth Anger. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that he stepped forward to accept the credit.

Bidgood's day jobs as a window dresser, costumer and photographer gave him lots of the props and materials to construct his fantastical set and dreamy costumes.

His work as a drag performer gave him the balls to create original homoerotic works during a time when men and women were still being arrested just holding hands in gay bars.

The 81 year old Bidgood just received a grant so that he can continue to produce more of his glamorously homoerotic photos. There is also a new book from Taschen on his photos and a documentary on his life is currently in production. 

Field of Blue Flowers
Check out all of James Bidgood's amazing photographs in the new Taschen book. You can buy both the book and the dvd of his film "Pink Narcissus" at the Homo History Amazon store. Enjoy!

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