Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gay Men of Color in Vintage Photos

Occasionally I will get a message asking why there aren't more photos of men of color on Homo History.  That is because they are much rarer and very difficult to find. Gay minorities had to deal with the double whammy of discrimination from straight people and discrimination from their own communities, so I'm guessing they were less willing to be photographed together.

Photos weren't always cheap and the cost of an incriminating photo was much higher: being exposed as gay could land you in jail, get you fired from your job and usually meant being shunned by your family and friends. Worst of all, it could get you killed (just as it can even today.)

I've posted all of these photos in my difference photo collections over the years, but I thought now, more than ever, is was time that I bring together my favorites.

 These vintage photos represent just a small fragment of our LGBT history; unfortunately so much of it has purposely been destroyed. Since the men in these photos are unknown, it's pretty much impossible to tell if they were a gay couple or just "good friends." Most photographs of gay couples were eventually destroyed by horrified family members. For every photo that I may have mistakenly identified as gay, thousands more were burned or torn into pieces to keep a family secret.
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  Jeffrey Gent