Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vintage Gay Couples

These vintage photos represent just a small fragment of our LGBT history; unfortunately so much of it has purposely been destroyed. Since the men in these photos are unknown, it's pretty much impossible to tell if they were a gay couple or just "good friends." Most photographs of gay couples were eventually destroyed by horrified family members. For every photo that I may have mistakenly identified as gay, thousands more were burned or torn into pieces to keep a family secret.

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Jeffrey Gent

1 comment:

  1. I stumbled across your blog through an image on Pinterest that led me here, and I absolutely LOVE what you are doing here... I am so moved by all of these photos, especially these (and is why I am commenting.) OH, and vintage pups? A W E S O M E <3

    I'm currently working on my memoirs; unrelated but still tangentially connected to how individuals would like to ignore our past...
    We have ALWAYS been here; we have a rich history... love has a rich history.

    My 90 year old father would still insist " 'that' didn't exist in my day," or I guess he would, he hasn't spoken to me in almost 40 years; not for the lack of my trying, we know differently.

    This Thanksgiving night you've warmed my heart and brought me to tears (happy ones.)
    Thank you sir, I wish you success in all you do,

    If I'm ever back in LA I would love to buy you a beer.
    You have really made my entire day!